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Hot Stone SMD Power Supply

$89/EA  $149/EA

Super Sale Price – While Supplies Last!

Packing a powerful punch, the rugged Decibel Eleven Hot Stone SMD Isolated DC Power Supply is exclusively designed for smaller pedal boards. The Hot Stone SMD includes 6 isolated and regulated outputs including two high current outputs to satisfy the high current power demands of the latest digital guitar pedals. Selectable input voltage provides added flexibility for touring musicians. 

Hot Stone Deluxe

$149/EA SOLD OUT  Sold Out


The Hot Stone Deluxe has garnered accolades from players and techs worldwide. With its proven reliability, the Hot Stone Deluxe packs more clean power for your dollar. Featuring 8 isolated outputs, a magnetically shielded toroidal transformer, and two high current outputs, the Deluxe also includes 9V, 12V and variable outputs for added versatility. The selectable input voltage means not having to use separate power supplies for each country when touring. See why the DB-11 Hot Stone Deluxe flat out torches the competition.

The Switch Dr.™ MIDI Controller / Loop Switcher

$139/EA  $299/EA

Super Sale Price – While Supplies Last

The Switch Dr.™ is a versatile and simple to program master controller that combines fully programmable MIDI control, true-bypass audio effects loops, and amp channel switching capabilities. The compact yet powerful Switch Dr. design is easy to use and meets all of your most basic needs – from sending a single program change to controlling an entire rig.

The Pedal Palette™ Analog Loop Bypass Switcher / Router / Mixer

$549/EA  Sold Out

The Pedal Palette™ is the first and only analog loop bypass switcher, router, and mixer capable of swapping effect pedals instantly while simultaneously providing a parallel mix bus. The routing and order of the effects is highly flexible and programmable offering unlimited options to create inspirational new sounds from existing pedals.

Decibel Eleven Dirt Clod™ Overdrive Distortion Pedal

$99/EA  $269/EA

Super Sale Price – While Supplies Last

The Decibel Eleven Dirt Clod is a fully analog overdrive distortion pedal featuring 10 memory presets. Whatever music you play, the Dirt Clod provides a wide range of distortion sounds with two styles of clipping in addition to variable mid and high controls. You may easily save presets and recall as needed by accessing two different presets side by side – or use the Dirt Clod bank mode to scroll and select your preferred presets.


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